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Getting to Know Me, Getting to Know All About Me

Welcome to Patty Cakes and welcome to my blog. I have been making cakes for 15 years, and have never really been big on blogging. I know there was a collective gasp out there in cyberland. How can you not blog, it's good for your SEO... Yaddy, Yaddy, Yadda I know, I know. Well, I didn't think it was that important at first and to be honest my real reason for starting one now, is to connect with my clients in a new and different way. Hope fully I will provide some insight into the behind the scenes of cake decorating, getting to know me better and sharing my cake journey with you. If you're not familiar with how I began just head on over to the about me page on the site. There's a long drawn out novel for your reading pleasure ;-)! For now, I'll save you the arduous agony of reading it and tell you:

1) Needed a hobby

2) Found a hobby

3) Made it my passion

4) Started a business

5) Work tirelessly

6) Lives happily ever after

There you have it in a nutshell :-). Anywhose, hopefully you will join me on my blogging adventure, and we can learn new and exciting things together. It will be like Dora the Explorer for adults. I will also share my favorite cake of the month, drop a few tutorials, and the trials and mishaps of being an entrepreneur (and mommy of 10)!

The following video added for your viewing pleasure is brought to you courtesy of WHYY. A little more about me and my retail bakery endeavor.

Now........, let's fast forward. I no longer have the retail shop, however Don't cry for me Argentina! I still make cakes, I only offer custom cakes and my hours are by appointment only, lucky me. If you would like to know why I no longer have the retail shop feel free to take another hour out of your illustrious day and read the article written by moi on what happened. Suspenseful right??? (queue suspenseful music... Da Da Daaaaa). Well here is a link to the article just in case you're interested


So far my journey has seen high's and lows, however I wouldn't change it. I have learned so much and there's still so much more to learn. I say let's learn together. Whether you're a client, a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner or just curious as to what goes into the successes and failures of a business, stick with me because there's a lot to find out on the Patty Cakery corner ;-)!!! Ciao!

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